Why consider offshore company formation?

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Generally, the procedures involved in incorporating a domestic company are applicable when you consider offshore company formation. The incorporating jurisdiction will determine the documents that will need to be prepared. Moreover, you need to fill out and hand over some documents to the relevant government department. Some of these include the address proof of the registered office, legal documentation that supports the company formation, and the designation of the registered agent. Licensed and experienced agents are able to act on behalf of the governmental authorities. These professionals can ensure quick and smooth formation of the company within your desired jurisdiction.

Before dealing with new clients, it is important to have detailed consultations. These discussions are helpful in determining if the service provider is able to offer the necessary services needed by you. To quicken the process and ensure there are delays or hiccups during the incorporation, it is vital to work with an agent that has the knowledge, experience, and expertise in dealing with your chosen offshore location.

Reduced risks
Offshore companies also known as international business organizations or non-resident entities reduce business risks. These legal entities are offered low tax incentives for their benefits. The reduced tax burden provides an advantageous environment of managing the wealth. These beneficial environments make it simpler for companies to manage the ever-increasing risks of doing profitable business. This is also helpful in shielding other assets that may need to be disposed to service tax liabilities. Receiving tax benefits and holidays enhances the company’s assets and often resources needed to comply with tax requirements can be used to increase business and profit margins.

Avoiding bureaucracy
Offshore company formation can help in avoiding the endless government red tape. The licensing procedures and rules are clearly laid out. This ensures the application and registration procedures are all completed within the allocated time period. Moreover, the privacy of the investors is safe in offshore locations. Several affluent individuals are attracted by this feature and sponsors can be used as shareholders. There is no requirement of disclosing the identity of the shareholders to third parties without their consent, which is a law even foreign governments cannot circumvent.

Other benefits
Non-resident entities can report profits or losses freely with an increased access to tax treaties, which reduces the operational expenses and relevant fees that in turn are beneficial in increasing profits and yields. Business owners have access to skilled, trained, and experienced offshore manpower and professional experts. The offshore legal system provides legal protection and fair treatment for all parties. The existence of efficient banking operations ensures stabilization of the capital base. Moreover, contractual agreements sanctity is respected in different trade jurisdictions reducing the risks. Custom and duty exemptions provide a better environment for wealth creation with fewer governmental restrictions enhancing international investments. The currency exchange convertibility raises the capital flow and trade mark laws act as a guarantee for the safety of property rights. All these and many more advantages encourage individuals and businesses to incorporate entities in offshore locations.


Our little-known loopholes in offshore structures help our members to increase their profits by 30% per year

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Our little-known loopholes in offshore structures help our members to increase their profits by 30% per year

How much would a 30% increase in your annual profits mean to you and your company?
or maybe even $1,000,000 or more!

The difference between a company that increases their profits 30% and a company that loses out on that profit is the information they have available to them.

The famous saying “Knowledge is power” is extremely evident in the setting up and maintaining of offshore companies and bank accounts. Having access to the right knowledge can not only dramatically increase your profits but it can also help you to maintain 100% privacy and can protect your assets from any external threat.

Failure to have access to the right information will leave your company’s assets exposed to law suit and other threats, will cause your company to pay excessive taxes and will cause your privacy to be exposed. This is something you want to avoid no matter what!

Our team of professional legal and tax advisers are ready to help you create a strategy to protect your privacy and your profits. All you have to do is ask.

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